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Here at Viking Armament, it our mission to provide cutting edge weapon systems and accessories. Our team of skilled gunsmiths specialize in constructing rifles and Glocks that are tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Not to mention, we deliver all across the U.S., so no one misses the opportunity to get your hands on our custom rifles and Glocks for sale at our online gun store. We take great pride in crafting firearms with precision and attention to detail, offering our customers the best firearms on the market.

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A Gun That Suits Your Lifestyle

Whether you're looking for an ultralight rifle for hunting, a lightweight Glock for concealed carry, or something else entirely, our firearm dealers have what you need. At Viking Armament, our knowledgeable staff strives to match you with the ideal weapon system that fit your needs. We provide comprehensive product information, seasoned guidance, and a vast selection of high quality firearms. Our mission is to make it simple and safe for you to purchase firearms with our online gun store.

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Viking Armament actively keeps up with our social presence online. With over 20K followers our page stays current by showcasing some of our submitted customer's pictures, providing news & updates on new gun models, as well as positing any current company sales, deals, and discounts! Follow us now to see all of our content!


Customization Can Lead to Easier Handling

We recognize that your firearm reflects your personality. That’s why we offer superior customization services so that your rifle or Glock is as unique as you are. Our custom work can assist you in expressing your individuality, taste, and style. Whether you want to add a unique attachment, looking to camouflage your existing gun, or are ready to start out with a whole new style, our team of experts can help. Customizing your firearm is important for safety reasons as well. With our custom services, you can make sure that your gun is ergonomic and comfortable for your specific body type and shooting style.


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Our collection of Viking Armament Apparel features an array of colors and sizes. This includes stickers, T-shirts available in all colors, and hats in two different styles, also available in all colors. Our team of designers possess in depth knowledge of materials, processes, and a keen interest in fashion, which ensures high quality products.

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Top Gun Parts and Accessories You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

From barrels and triggers to magazines and stocks, our selection includes all the necessary components to repair and customize your firearms. Additionally, we carry a vast selection of optics and other gun parts and accessories, including gun cases, cleaning kits, and more. You’ll find all you need when you stop by Viking Armament!

We Build and Customize the Firearm of Your Dreams

At Viking Armament, we specialize in crafting custom weapon systems tailored to your needs. With a wealth of firearms knowledge, we utilize every component of our guns to ensure you’re gaining the most out of your firearms. As gun enthusiasts ourselves, we keep up on the latest firearm advancement and trends. Whether you’re looking for scope solutions that offer incredible UX to customized rifles that show your personality, we have what you need. With detailed options that bring your gun top capabilities and performance, customizing your firearm in has never been easier.

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