Bantam 6.5 PRC


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Lead Times are 14-16 Weeks

The Bantams name says it all. Small, aggressive, ultralight, and durable, this is your next go-to build for a do-all, ultralight weapon system. This build starts at just under 6 pounds with an 18” barrel and 3 port brake. The new Manners MCS Pro hunter takes the stock game to the next level with an integrated mini chassis for a direct drop in fit. 


Components consist of the following-


-Lone peak Razor TI action

-Hells Canyon carbon fiber barrel 20″ Barrel

-Self timing titanium 3 Port muzzle brake

-Trigger Tech Special Trigger 1-3.5 pounds

-Manners MCS Pro hunter stock

-Hawkins hunter DBM Bottom metal

-Hawkins hunter ultralight magazine

-Integrated pic rail

-Integrated arca rail

-Integrated QD Mounts

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 13 × 5 in