Viking Armament - Aegir’s Brew coffee

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Food was plentiful in Asgard, but the Gods wanted more than just food in the early mornings. They wanted something to wash down their breakfast with, before battle. Something to warm them on a brisk morning while overlooking the battlefield.

Once again Thor and Tyr called on Aegir to come up with just the right brew. Thor said to Aegir brew us a drink that warms our bones before battle.

Aegir sourced a 100% Arabica bean from the Caldas region of Colombia. He kept his new brew simple and pure by just simply roasting it till it was a smooth dark color. This pleased the Gods! As they drank Aegir’s Brew they smiled, then they went to war.


My Father is one of the biggest reason I have been able to build my dream of Viking Armament! He has been living in Colombia South America half the year for over ten years now working as a contractor. The relationship he has built has lead to our very own coffee brew sourced face to face right from the farmer, roasted, bagged and shipped directly to us here in Colorado.

Coffee is kept frozen till it is shipped to you.  

Region: Caldas, Colombia

Certification: Rain Forest Alliance

Process: Fully Washed

Size: 16oz Whole Bean 

Roast: Dark Roast

Storage: Resealable Zip Bag


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