Trigger Tech - Remington 700 drop-in 1.5Lbs adjustable Trigger

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Remington 700 with safety and bolt release 

Rem 700, 1.5-4lb (600-1800 grams) adjustable drop-in trigger

FRT™ uses true rolling friction to attain a zero-creep release characteristic, increasing accuracy, safety and user feel

1.5-4lb adjustability without taking your trigger out

Adjustability has a positive click indicating 1 oz increments

With Safety - can be removed for 700 style actions that don't use a 700 style safety 

****We can Cerakote the trigger bar any color FREE of charge****

Please add your color in the notes at checkout & and allow up to 5 business days to ship if you want us to Cerakote the trigger bar!

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