Xtreme Hardcore Gear - Anti Static Powder Funnel

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 Caliber Specific Anti Static Reloading Funnels

from CNC Machined Aluminum

Each one is a caliber specific powder funnel. That’s machined from solid aluminum bar stock on CNC turning centers. These precision funnels are meticulously machined to exacting tolerances then buffed for a perfectly smooth ID finish. This allows the powder to flow smoothly into the case mouth. 

The funnels are color coded with a bright dip anodized finish and then laser engraved with the caliber on the funnel base for easy identification on your reloading bench. 

The best part is these funnels are anti-static with all powders and stay upright while on the case neck in your reloading block.

Available in the following calibers:

.375, .338, .308, .284, .277, .264, .257, .244, .224, .204, .172


100% Made in the USA


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