Custom Handmade Scabbard



**Custom Scabbard lead times are currently 12-14 weeks**

Versatile Rifle Scabbard made exclusively for Viking Armament

Made by Bryce Grant Custom Leather

This scabbard has been designed to fit of variety of rifles both in style, length, and optics.

Designed with the idea to fit a chassis stock, this scabbard is hand crafted in the USA using premium English bridle leather and premium hardware. English bridle leather is specifically used because of its durability as well as its tanning and finishing process that uses a variety of fats and oils that give it a more waterproof consistency and resiliency to sweat as it comes into contact with horses and other pack animals. Heavy duty stitches are sunk in below the surface of the leather to prevent abrasion as much as possible. The scope section of the scabbard is lined with synthetic backed real-wool fibers to protect the scope as much as possible. The edges are hand rubbed and finished for a premier look as well as added protection to the edges and seams. These scabbards are finished using a waterproof oil and topcoat that gives it protection, shine, and adds to the overall suppleness and durability of the leather.