Hexmag broke the magazine design mold when it introduced its first product. Our patent pending design provides a superior grip that is missing on other magazines; it just looks and feels better. We spent a great deal of time testing our design, and chose not to rush into production even when we knew the market in 2013 was selling AR-15 magazines at a phenomenal rate.

Reviewers love our magazine; rifle manufacturers are giving us high praise on our design and price point. Our magazine works with a full range of 5.56 X 45 / .223 Remington and 300ACC Blackout ammunition.

Our hexagon shaped spring release button allows tool free disassembly of the HX30-AR magazine, making it easy to clean. The size of the release button made a perfect platform to introduce color. Our HexID Color Identification System was founded on the principle that gun owners purchase multiple types and calibers of ammunition. They want to know at a glance which ammunition type they have loaded. Previously gun owners were left up to their own devices to mark magazines, using paint and tape. We found it was easier to see color from a distance or when looking down in an ammunition pouch, a gear bag, or within a storage cabinet. Replacing the colored HexID pieces takes less than a minute, with no tools