Viking Armament, LLC (“Viking”) offers the following limited lifetime warranty to every original and direct purchaser (“Purchaser”) of any new firearm component, including any firearm or its related part (collectively “Firearm Component”), that is manufactured and sold as new by Viking. The warranty exclusively and solely covers only a manufacturing defect originating in the Firearm Component manufactured and sold as new by Viking. The warranty does not cover anything else and does not extend to cover any firearm component or anything that is not manufactured and sold as new by Viking. The warranty exclusively and solely benefits only the original and direct Purchaser of the covered Firearm Component. The warranty does not extend to benefit anyone else. To make a claim for coverage under the warranty, the Purchaser shall: (1) notify Viking in writing by email or regular mail of the warranty claim concerning the Firearm Component within 7 calendar days after the Purchaser first discovered the potential manufacturing defect; (2) email or regular mail to Viking a copy of the purchase receipt
for the Firearm Component; and (3) deliver the Firearm Component to Viking for inspection. Purchaser shall be responsible for paying all return shipping costs concerning the Firearm Component. After such inspection, and at Viking’s exclusive option and discretion, Viking shall resolve the warranty claim by either: (1) repairing and returning the Firearm Component to the Purchaser; or (2) retaining the Firearm Component and refunding the full purchase price (excluding all shipping costs) to the Purchaser based on the original method of payment. DISCLAIMER Every purchaser of a firearm component, including a firearm or its related parts, manufactured or sold by Viking Armament, LLC (“Viking”) is advised and knowingly accepts that the use or possession of such firearm component is an inherently dangerous and hazardous activity which involves risks of harm and injury, including death. Every such purchaser knowingly and voluntarily assumes all such risks of harm when using or possessing any such firearm component, and knowingly and unconditionally waives, releases, discharges, and holds harmless, Viking from any liability concerning the same.

2024 © Viking Armament LLC


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